Video Tutorials: How To Fold *Everything* The Marie Kondo Way

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Playing How To Fold a Jumpsuit With Organizing Phenomenon Marie Kondo

Star of the new Netflix show, "Tidying Up with Marie Kondo" and author of The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up, Marie Kondo, is back in the studio to show us how to fold even our most unfoldable articles of clothing. And believe us, following her tricks WILL *spark joy*!

1. How To Fold a Jumpsuit

We all love a stylish jumpsuit — but we don't love how difficult they can be to hang in a closet. Thankfully, our organizing expert is here with a solution!

Marie, through her translator Marie Iida, says to start by extending the jumpsuit out on a table, then folding it in half. Tuck the sleeves in towards the center, bring the hem at the bottom of the pant legs towards the top end of the garment and flatten it out by "sending a lot of love through the palms." Fold in half all the way and fold in half again. TA-DA, you have a jumpsuit you can easily store!

Watch Marie demonstrate with Rach in the video above!

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2. How To Fold a Bathrobe

Does your robe take up too much bathroom space? Not anymore!

Grab the robe and then, as Marie says, "calmly adjust the clothes — get a handle of it." After that, she says to take the string or any decorative bits and tuck them into the middle. Then imagine a rectangle going through the middle in the center of the piece. Tuck one side towards the center so that you're creating that rectangle, fold the sleeve over and tuck the rest of the sleeve in the rectangle. Repeat with the other side. Once that is complete, take the collar side towards the hem and then (since a bathrobe is a little thicker) fold it over only once.

Watch her full how-to in the video below!

3. How To Fold a Dress Shirt For Travel

When it comes to dress shirts, Marie prefers to hang them to protect the collar, but she has a folding trick for traveling!

First, put the dress shirt on the table, button side down. And just like with the robe, imagine a rectangle and tuck the sleeves inside the rectangle. Marie notes that with shirts, you "don't want to fold them too many times" so take the hem from the bottom, fold towards the collar, and then fold that same section again and flip it back over.

"When you're traveling and you're putting it in the suitcase, you can tuck a belt in there [the collar] or roll up a belt [to protect the collar]," Marie explains.

Watch Marie do it in the video below!

4. DIGITAL EXCLUSIVE: How to Fold a Turtleneck

During the winter, we embrace a stylish, draping turtleneck but how do we properly fold it? Marie shows us how!

Once again, use her rectangle technique. Tuck everything inside the rectangle (so it fits in line with the part of the neck) and repeat on the other side. Lift the neck and fold inside the rectangle. Then "calmly, with a very peaceful mind," fold over and fold once again so that it's folded in thirds.

See for yourself in the video below!

And if you're worried about failing, don't be! We have PROOF that even international treasures like Marie Kondo slip up!

"There's a trick with tricky clothes like this," says Marie. "Don't give up."

Want to tackle more than just your clothes? Marie has tricks for your office closet and your kitchen!

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