What It Means To Be a Super Attractor, According To an Oprah-Approved Meditation Guru

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Gabrielle Bernstein is a no. 1 New York Times bestselling author and meditation guru. Oprah Winfrey called her our "next generation thought leader," so if you haven't already, you should probably put Gabrielle on your radar. Her latest book is called Super Attractor, and she shared with us what that means.

Basically, the first step is to put good vibes out into the universe. "You start to realize that you can actually do less and attract more into your life," the author says. "The more we feel good, the more of a magnet we become for what we want."

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So, how do you become a super attractor? Changing your energy might not happen overnight, but you can begin by reframing your negative thoughts. 

"When you start to change that energy, you actually recalibrate yourself," Gabrielle says. "You start to feel better and then you start to effortlessly attract more of what you want."

Gabrielle explains her three-step "Choose Again" method, which she says is one of the most important methods in the book.

First, she asked our in-studio audience what they are most afraid of — what is the one negative thought that constantly takes priority? Their responses were split pretty evenly between three areas: money, relationships and health. The three step method works with any of these common themes, the guru says. Here's how:


By answering Gabrielle's question, everyone in the audience completed step one — they identified their negative thought.


The second step is to forgive the thought and forgive yourself for having the thought.

"We don't want to beat ourselves up for being in that negative space," Gabrielle says. "We want to forgive ourselves and actually be grateful that we have the wherewithal to witness that thought — because when we have that, we begin a new pattern."


The final and most important step is often to reach for the next best-feeling thought, or reach for a mantra or an affirmation.

If your negative thought is about money trouble, for example, you can't go from thinking you're broke to thinking you're going to become a millionaire. "It has to be something you believe in, because if you don't believe in it, it's not going to work," Gabrielle explains. What you can tell yourself is that you have access to the internet, which has unlimited opportunities for you to find new resources, or that you can call your friend who has a possible job lead.

And in the event that you can't come up with a realistic, positive next thought, that's where a mantra or affirmation comes in handy. Gabrielle had Rach and everyone in our audience choose a mantra card. Rach's said: "Joy is the ultimate creator." Gabrielle's said: "I choose love no matter what."

"Focus on fun, focus on joy, focus on what's thriving," Gabrielle says. "When we focus on the things that bring us joy, really cool things start to happen."

Mantras are great to read first thing in the morning — place a card next to your bed or put it on your mirror or refrigerator. You can even save a mantra as your phone's background. In fact, Gabrielle made a special mantra card just for our viewers that you can download, save or screenshot using the instructions below.

Gabrielle Bernstein Mantra
Gabrielle Bernstein

To save on iPhone: Click this link. At the bottom of your iPhone screen, you should see a square icon with an arrow pointing up. Press on the icon. An options window will appear. Select "Save Image" to add the mantra card to the photos on your phone.

To set as iPhone wallpaper: Under "Settings," select "Wallpaper," then "Choose a New Wallpaper." Under "All Photos," select the mantra photo. Select "Set," then "Set Both."

To save on Android: Click this link. Press and hold the image. An options window will appear. Select  "Save Image" to add the mantra card to the photos on your phone.

To set as Android wallpaper: Tap and hold the home screen. Tap the "Wallpapers" icon on the bottom left of the screen. Select the mantra photo from your photo gallery. Select "Set as Wallpaper" for "Both Home and Lock Screen."

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