What Kind Of Countertops Does Rachael Have In Her Home?

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When a viewer asked Rachael about the pros and cons of having a cutting board countertop, it came as no surprise that Rach couldn't really think of any cons. (Our girl loves butcher block!) In fact, Rach invested in butcher block even when she couldn't afford it, she says.

Question: What are the pros and cons of having a cutting board countertop?
– Viewer

Answer: "Slab butcher block is my absolute favorite thing," Rach says. "Period." 

"When I was poor and lived in two rooms in Queens, I bought the largest Boos board I could find," she goes on. "Literally. Wider than my stove. I covered my sinks with it, and I put it directly next to my stove and that's where I worked. So I will never buy anything but butcher block for a counter. That was before I could afford a counter. I just simply covered part of my counter and both of my sinks with butcher block so I would not be limited where I could work. I don't know any drawbacks. After about 10 years here, I had made a valley in my butcher block top because I cook so much that it had literally just worn way down. So I replaced it. But I think it is the best material for a countertop because people can work at stations all around. And it's very good for making fresh pasta. For me, it's the best bang for your buck."

Does Rachael have marble countertops?
"I do have a small slab of marble top for the odd occasions that I actually make pastry or pastry dough," she says.

What kind of countertops does Rachael have in her NYC apartment?
"In our apartment in New York — the apartment came with it, so why would I change it — there's some granite top in the dining area that we use for service. And they're very pretty and they clean very easily. That's lovely." 

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