Which Celebs Does Rachael Get Starstruck By? (Hint: They're Also Her Celeb Crushes!)

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Playing Rach On The 3 Celebs Who Make Her Starstruck + The 3 Pots She Cooks With At Home

Even though she's no stranger to a celeb hang, Rach DOES in fact get starstruck. And her list may sound familiar, since she's revealed these guys to be her celeb crushes on the show before!

For starters, it's no secret that Rach has loved Tom Jones since she was a little girl. She used to wear a dress during "This Is Tom Jones" because she thought he could see her through the television screen. How adorable is that?!

"The first time he came on the show, I literally couldn't look at him," Rach continues. She had to look straight ahead the entire time during the interview!

Watch Rach's first Tom Jones interview here!

Rach also has a *thing* for dimples, so she loves LL Cool J (who doesn't?!), but the person she has to mentally prepare herself to interview the MOST?

50 Cent!

"I get really shaky when 50 Cent comes around," Rach says. "I can't, I just can't."

We knew this, of course, so we invited 50 Cent to Rach's birthday bash last September — without telling her — and her reaction was EPIC. Watch that surprise moment here!

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