Which Type of Potato Is Best For Grilling, Mashing + Baking?

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Playing Which Type of Potato Is Best For Grilling, Mashing + Baking?

"Potatoes are everybody's fave," says Rach. But if you've ever been overwhelmed when choosing potatoes, you're not alone!

We checked in with Pedro, a farmer from Rose's Berry Farm Stand in Glastonbury, Connecticut, for some super-helpful tips on how to choose the best 'tater for your dish.

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Yukon Gold

This larger, yellow-fleshed variety is better for mashing or using in hash browns, Pedro says.


According to Pedro, purple potatoes are one of the biggest sellers on their farm, and best prepared baked, mashed or grilled.

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Because of the thin skin (which doesn't require peeling), Pedro recommends using red potatoes in potato salad and gratins.


Fingerling potatoes are Pedro's personal favorite, and come in a few different colors. He says they're best in potato salad, chowder, simply steamed or broiled.

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