Who Can Get The Covid Vaccine? Here's What The CDC Has Recommended So Far

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Playing When Can You Get The Covid Vaccine? A Doctor Breaks Down Current CDC Recommendations

Now that the Pfizer and Moderna Covid-19 vaccines have been authorized (HOPE AT LAST?!) and certain groups of people are beginning to get one, you may be wondering when YOU (or elderly loved ones in your family) can get it. We asked physician and host of "The Doctors," Dr. Ian Smith, to address common concerns about the Covid vaccine and explain how it will be rolled out in the United States.

Who Can Get The Covid Vaccine?

"The key is understanding what the CDC has said," Dr. Ian says. The CDC has issued guidelines recommending the order of who should get the vaccine and when, but it is not a mandate — it is ultimately up to each state to decide. He breaks down the CDC guidelines in more detail, which are highlighted in the graphic below.

What Are The CDC's Recommended Covid Vaccine Phases So Far?

Vaccine Phases Graphic
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1A: Healthcare personnel and residents of long-term care facilities

1B: Frontline essential workers, including firefighters, police officers, grocery store workers and educators, and people 75 years or older.

1C: People 65-74 years old, and people 16-64 with underlying medical conditions. This phase also includes other essential workers, such as people who work in transportation and logistics, law, public safety and public health.

As more doses become available, recommendations will expand to include more groups. 

When Will The Covid Vaccine Be Available To The General Public?

"About 75 to 80 percent of the country needs to be vaccinated in order for us to have what's called 'herd immunity' and for the numbers to go down," Dr. Ian says. "The way things are going right now, I don't think that we're going to get mass vaccinations probably until late June, early July."

If you have the opportunity to get vaccinated, you should, according to Dr. Ian. This includes people who have already had Covid. Read more on why people who have already had Covid should get the vaccine here.

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