Why Is My Libido So Low? 40-Year-Old Woman Married For 11 Years With 3 Kids Asks

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Playing Low Sex Drive In Women & What To Do About It | OBGYN Dr. Jackie Walters

According to OBGYN and author of The Queen V: Everything You Need to Know about Sex, Intimacy, and Down There Health Care, Dr. Jackie Walters, "Up to 80% of women will experience decreased libido and problems with that at some point in their lifetime."

That means that one of our 40-year-old viewers who's been married for over 11 years, has three children and just finished breastfeeding is certainly not alone.

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"The problem that I'm having is after having my third child, my libido is way low," she explains. "I can get the car started, but I can't reach the finish line." 

"Having had three babies, you've changed — you're a different person," Dr. Jackie assures her. "Your body has changed. Your anatomy has changed and your life has changed. You're managing babies and you're managing your husband." 

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"The most critical part of being a lady [with] her sexual health is your brain," she goes on. "You're so focused on taking care of three babies that you're probably thinking of other things."

So, what can this mom of three — and other women like her — do about a low sex drive?  

"We've learned in science that women don't go like men from desire to arousal," the Queen V author says. "We typically have to get aroused first. And him cleaning the kitchen is arousing. So you go from arousal to desire."

"If it doesn't get any better, certainly see your doctor," she continues. "There are things that we can write prescriptions for and supplements we can offer."

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