This Woman Helps Disabled Dogs Walk Again!

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Playing You’ll Cry When You Hear This Heartwarming Pet Story

This story really got the tear ducts goin'.

In 2016, Butler, Pennsylvania residents Tanya and her husband adopted one-and-a-half-year old pup Joey, who had been found at six weeks with his legs intentionally cut off. Joey was rehabilitated and received prosthetics that have made a huge difference to his life.

They were so deeply affected by their experience with Joey, that in 2017, they started an organization, Joey’s P.A.W. (which stands for Prosthetics or A Wheelchair). Their goal is to help other disabled dogs achieve mobility through partial or full prosthetic and/or wheelchair funding.

Fast forward to today, and they've now provided over 80 carts and prosthetics for dogs — and even a wheelchair for a goat:

"They may be handicapped," Tanya says, "but they deserve all the love they can get." We couldn’t agree more.

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Rach got to meet Tanya and another one of her pups, Boone, who just turned one and was sporting some pretty spiffy wheels. When Rach asked what the work brings to her life, Tanya couldn't help getting a little teary. "It's utterly amazing," she says, "to see a dog get in his wheels or prosthetic for the first time and run — it's beyond anything I can explain." That's some powerful stuff.

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In honor of this incredible initiative, Rach gifted Tanya and her pups a *big* supply of Nutrish. Our friends at Atlas Pet Company were so compelled by the story, they also gave Joey’s P.A.W. $2,500 — and Rachael's Rescue matched the donation, sending Tanya home with $5,000 total for her incredible company!

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