Would Rachael Ever Open a Restaurant? She Answers!

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Playing Rachael Answers: If You Open a Restaurant, What Would You Serve?

If Rach were to open a restaurant, we'd eat *anything* she makes — but when a studio audience member named Ritha asked Rach what kind of food she'd serve, we couldn't help but be curious, too!

Q: "If you were to ever open up a restaurant, what food would you serve?"

— Ritha, studio audience member

A: "I thought a lot about it, and I think it would be fun food in small portions," Rach says. "Comfort food, fun food — food you share with people when you’re just hanging out."

You know our gal, always wanting people to unite over a shared plate!

"I've been trying to open restaurants for decades, I finally gave up on it. Any time somebody found out I was involved in it, the price 'went up,'" Rachael tells the audience.

That doesn't work for Rach as she's all about accessibility. Plus, she has a few gigs she's already juggling, so she wouldn't be able to be at the restaurant a ton.

BUT she hasn't ruled it out completely, which is great for us! We'd love to split a dish at Restaurant Rach, wouldn't you?

For now, it looks like we’ll have to rely on this list of the best comfort food restaurants in America.

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