Dr. Travis Stork's Weight-Loss Smoothie

Photo credit: Rachael Ray Show Aired August 28, 2014

The Doctors Dr. Travis Stork is in our kitchen whipping up a tasty waist-friendly smoothie in just 30 seconds! He’s also dishing about his new book called The Doctor’s Diet, so Rach asks what motivated him to write a cookbook. “A lot of people think that being lean is something that’s in your genetics or not…and it’s absolutely not true!” explains Dr. Stork. “You put on two to three pounds a year – they add up over the decades. That’s 20, 30 pounds. So The Doctor’s Diet was my attempt to teach people how to eat. It’s a diet, but not a diet. This is a diet that you do for the rest of your life to be lean, to be healthy, and, as I always say, to stay out of the ER.”

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