Chef Curtis Stone’s Turkey ‘Carve-Along’ Carving Tips


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You’re juggling a lot this Thanksgiving – so let chef Curtis Stone show you the best way to carve a turkey at our annual ‘Carve-Along’! “I think I know my way around a turkey so well; I’m going to give it a shot blindfolded,” says Curtis. “It’s like a Thanksgiving meets ‘The Shining’ kind of a thing!” jokes Rach. Our entire audience is following along as he shares the essential tips and tricks you need to perfectly carve your bird.

Curtis’ Turkey Carving Steps:
**Tip: Use a sharp knife to carve your turkey.
1.    Begin cutting straight down the breast plate, following the natural line of the breast bone. The first piece of breast should easily separate.
2.    Run your knife along the other side of the breast plate, turning your knife toward the bottom. Then, using a fork or your fingers, separate the meat from the bone.
3.    Slice the turkey breasts straight across.
4.    Pry the leg pieces apart with your hands and cut them off at the natural hinge using your sharp knife.

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