Bill O'Reilly Thinks Hillary Clinton Is 'Definitely' Running for President

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Bill O'Reilly Sounds Off Aired December 03, 2014

As the calendar inches closer and closer to 2016, many are wondering if former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton will actually make another run for the White House.

According to Fox News' Bill O'Reilly, however, it's already a done deal.

"She's definitely running," the news commentator predicted today on Rachael Ray. "Nobody's going to really challenge her. There's going to be a few people in the Democratic [party] who will go out just to build up their lecture fees."

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"I think she'll try to run as a moderate," O'Reilly continued, adding that a successful bid for the White House would result in a co-presidency with Clinton's husband, Bill.

Meanwhile, O'Reilly -- whose new book, 'Killing Patton,' hit stands in September -- also gave his thoughts on Pope Francis' upcoming visit to the United States.

"I hope he's going to come here and spread a positive message, because the Catholic Church has gotten so much bad publicity in the USA," he said. "The Churches deserve some of the criticism; but I think [having] Pope Francis come to the USA [will show] a different side, and it's all positive."

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