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Photo credit: Rachael Ray Show Aired December 02, 2014

Bestselling author Beth Stern is back and she’s telling us the story of furry cat friend named Yoda.

“This certain someone that I had grabbed from the North Shore Animal League had been there for months and months and months. He was emaciated, he wouldn’t eat; he was depressed. I brought him home and I took him to our vet and our vet said this cat has three to six months to live. He has a bad heart. So that was the moment my husband and I said we’re going to adopt him… I had my first litter of kittens we saved from a municipal shelter right before they were about to be euthanized, we brought them through North Shore Animal League, brought them back to our home, and I have a foster room set up and Yoda was lumbering down the hallway following me to the foster room. I open the door, four glorious kittens inside – he runs in and his eyes are wide as saucers. He goes over to every kitten – he starts grooming them, he made sure they ate their food, he sleeps with them… So this is seven months later, and he’s still at home working on our sixth set of foster kittens! And the best part of the story is I took him for his checkup at the vet and the vet said this cat’s heart is 100%, he is off his heart meds and love and purposes healed his heart!”

Yoda the cat is here for his television debut! “I had to take him away from his foster kittens, so this is a really big deal!” jokes Beth. She’s even brought along three other furry friends hilariously named Rachael, John and Howard who are available for adoption through North Shore Animal League. All proceeds from Yoda’s children’s book will go to expand North Shore Animal League America’s existing shelter by 15,000 square feet!

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