Which Actress Is Kristin Chenoweth Afraid to Sing in Front of?

Photo credit: Rachael Ray Show Aired December 02, 2014

After performing for celebrities, Presidents -- even the Queen of England -- one would think that Kristin Chenoweth isn't afraid to sing in front of anybody. 

Not exactly.

In an interview Tuesday with Rachael Ray, the actress admitted there's still one singer-actress out there who intimidates her Tony-winning vocal chops. 

"This is going to sound really funny," Chenoweth, 46, said. "But I just did a movie with Jennifer Lopez. I admire her greatly. Obviously, we hit it off on this film, but I think because I’m friendly with her and I've seen her perform, I think I might be nervous [to perform] for her."

"Is that weird?" She continued with a laugh. "We have the same age! We have the same birthday!" 

Chenoweth played Lopez's best friend in the upcoming thriller 'The Boy Next Door,' in whicha mom's (Lopez) illicit affair with her teenage's son's friend turns scary when the friend refuses to end the relationship.

She says her on-screen friendship carried over into real life well after the cameras stopped rolling.

"I love her!" She said of Lopez. "Her skin [is beautiful]. Sometimes I stare at her, and I'm like, 'I'm not a lesbian, but you're gorgeous!'" 

'The Boy Next Door' hits theaters in 2015.

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