Piers Morgan to Lebron James: Hands Off Kate Middleton

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Playing Piers Morgan: ‘You Do Not Touch the Royals’

Former CNN host Piers Morgan had some harsh words for Lebron James after the basketball icon was photographed with his arm around Kate Middleton during the Duchess of Cambridge's high-profile visit to New York.

"You do not touch a member of the Royal Family unless they ask you to touch them or extend their hand," Morgan said of the incident, which occurred Tuesday night at the Barclays Center in Brooklyn.

"Lebron James, you may call yourself King James. You are not a real King," Morgan -- who is now the Editor-at-Large of The Daily Mail's MailOnline -- continued. "Prince William is going to be my King. That was his wife. Hands off the Duchess."

Morgan was referring to an unspoken royal protocol that has never been publicly confirmed. Still, the incident was more than enough to outrage the life-long Brit, who referred to the Royal Couple as "immortal creatures."

"You do not put your sweaty arm after a game of basketball around a member of the Royal Family!"

Well, okay, then.

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