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Playing Is Casey Wilson Enjoying Pregnancy?
Is Casey Wilson Enjoying Pregnancy? Aired January 15, 2015

“Now tell me the truth, are you somebody who loves being pregnant or you hate being pregnant?” Rach asks comedian and actress Casey Wilson. “I absolutely hate it,” says Casey. “I love my son but I am not enjoying the process, but I am very excited. I’ve had a rough pregnancy.” Watch above for more details on her pregnancy.

Then, asks Casey if she and her husband are fighting over baby names. “No, we’re still in process on names,” says Casey. “I don’t think I’m going to be the person that’s like ‘When I look at him, I’ll know.’ Like I’ll have the name, and that’ll be his name. I’m not going to go too weird like ‘Table’ or something.”

Watch below for more with Casey and her new NBC show ‘Marry Me.’

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