Michael Strahan's Sweet Update for His Mom

by Rachael Ray Show Staff 11:47 AM, January 23, 2015

Aired July 28, 2015

Dr. Ian Smith is helping Michael Strahan’s parents, Jean and Louise, tackle weight-loss. We’re checking in with them today to see how their journey is going. Plus, Dr. Ian is showing them how Jean and Louise can still dine at their favorite restaurants without spoiling their diets. “You want to stay away from creamy sauces, fried foods,” explains Dr. Ian. “You want things that are sautéed, grilled, steamed, and they’re cooking it in a way so they’re not breaking down the natural nutrients of the food.”

It’s the moment of truth - how much has Louise lost? Watch the video above to find out this, and more healthy eating tips from Dr. Ian.