An Incredible Makeover Decades in the Making

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Playing Kyan's Long Hair 'Manover'

Back in the '80s, New Jersey resident Kevin Stewart rocked the long-haired, Jon Bon Jovi-esque look that was popular among many men at the time.

But unlike Bon Jovi, Kevin held onto that rocker look longer than most -- so long, in fact, that he still has it today.

Now, as his 50th birthday quickly approaches, Kevin says he's finally ready for a change.

"Now is the time," he told Rachael Ray. "It's just time."

 With the help of hairstylist Kyan Douglas, Kevin is about to embark on a makeover (or "man-over," if you will) over thirty years in the making; a chance to update his look to today's trends without losing his classic roots.

How will it all turn out? Let's just say, 50 really is the new 20.

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