Tony Goldwyn on Filming His Famous Shirtless Scenes: You Have to Have a Sense of Humor

by Rachael Ray Show Staff 8:07 AM, January 30, 2015

Aired June 11, 2015

For Goldwyn, filming the scenes can sometimes be more awkward than sexy.

"I think sometimes women feel more vulnerable than guys do, but it's just a really weird thing," the actor -- who plays President Fitzgerald on the top-rated ABC drama -- revealed. "You just have to have a sense of humor about it -- like, 'I can't believe we do this for a living.'"

As far as preparing for those kinds of scenes, Goldwyn says he doesn't immediately turn into a gym rat once he sees them in the script.

"For me, I don't do the thing where I have the dumbells [around] because then I can't concentrate on my acting; all I'm thinking about is, 'I should be doing push-ups.'"

"When I finally get there to do the scene, he continued, "I have to go, 'You knwo what? It is what it is. Be a human being.'"

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