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Photo credit: Rachael Ray Show Aired February 26, 2015

The Office’s Rainn Wilson is returning to television as a cop in his new show Backstrom! Rach asks Rainn why he chose this new role. “I was literally shooting my 200th episode of The Office and I read the script and I just fell in love with it. I mean this part of Everett Backstrom is so challenging and different than Dwight, and dark and interesting and complex,” says Rainn. “What’s fun to play too about the character is he’s a super genius; intuitive super genius guy…he sees the world through such a dark lens and sees the worst in people. He’s able to kind of intuit what’s going on with a criminal and get into their skin really, and figure out the crime and that’s super fun to do.”

Watch the video above for even more Rainn!

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