'Undateable' Star Chris D’Elia

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Playing 'Undateable' Star Chris D’Elia

What do you get when you put a bunch of stand-up comedians together all on the same show? Well, you get a big hit – NBC’s “Undateable.” So how “undateable” is Chris D’Elia in real life? “I don’t know; I’m a comedian so I’m like always on the road,” says Chris. “I think that the idea of dating a comedian might be fun because it’s like oh he’s fun and funny, but then they’re like ‘Okay, well where is he?’ I’m always somewhere – I wake up I don’t know where I am.”

Rach asks what it’s like to tour with all the cast members. “It’s like camp every day, we just go and hang out and get to do the show,” says Chris. “I can’t believe I’m not sick of the guys yet, because we’re on tour and this is the last stop of the tour right now here in New York and we’ve been together for a few weeks just every day in different cities just waking up not knowing where we are.”

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