Deion Sanders Shares the Most Important Parenting Tip You Will Ever Get


Playing Deion Sanders on Modern Parenting Challenges
Deion Sanders on Modern Parenting Challenges Aired August 21, 2015

by Lisa Lozano

Former professional football and baseball star Deion Sanders is telling Rach all about his family life at home with 10 kids, and offering advice to parents.

When Rach asks if he’s ever had a parenting fail, he says no, and explains why: “I am the best daddy ever. I’m not perfect, but I’m present.” He says that by being present for his kids, he always knows what’s going on in their lives. He jokes, “I might be embarrassing, but I’m there.”

He has a tip for parents who travel for work called the “two-day rule.” He never goes out of town for more than two days without taking the kiddos along.

Another tip he offers is to be sure to put the phones away during mealtimes.

But there’s one thing that even Deion hasn’t figure out yet – how to get his daughter out of his bed! Watch the videos above for more, and tune in to Deion’s Family Playbook Saturday nights at 9/8c on OWN for more about the Sanders family.


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