9 Hot and Spicy Recipes to Warm You Up this Winter

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It may be cold outside, but you can heat up your kitchen by whipping up any of these deliciously spicy dishes!

No. 1: Queso Dip Mac 'n Cheese

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Mac and cheese that features all the flavors of queso dip? Yes, please!! And you can even eat it with tortilla chips! Amazing!

No. 2: Clinton Kelly’s Spicy Turkey Meatballs with Sweet Mango Glaze

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These sweet and spicy little nuggets are the perfect party food! Set them out in a casserole dish, or put them on a platter with party toothpicks, they’ll be gone before you know it!

No. 3: Curtis Stone’s Spicy and Smoky Bloody Marys

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Curtis Stone takes this Bloody Mary to the next level by using chipotle chili to spice it up. Your friends will love this!

No. 4: Eggs in Purgatory

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This warm, comforting spicy egg dish from Scott Conant is a cheerful option for breakfast or dinner. Scott makes a complex, spicy red sauce, which he pours into serving dishes and adds poached eggs. He tops with parmesan cheese and then cooks in the oven under the broiler.

No. 5: Buffalo Joes with Blue Cheese and Carrot-Celery Slaw Relish

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These buffalo "Joes" blend the flavors of wings with the sandwich delivery of a Sloppy Joe. Yum!

No. 6: Spicy Grapefruit Margarita Ice Pops

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For this spicy alcoholic ice pop, start with jalapeno-infused tequila and add grapefruit juice and sugar. Freeze them into cone-shaped cups, then roll the finished pops in chili salt! Amazing!

No. 7: Andrew Zimmern’s Crispy Belly Bacon Sandwich with Jalapeño Jelly and Vinegar Slaw

Photo credit: Rachael Ray Show

Andrew Zimmern shows you how to take a slab of smokehouse bacon and cut thick, juicy slabs to fry as the base of your sandwich. He then adds a homemade vinegar slaw and jalapeno jelly and stacks in all on a chewy hot dog bun… We want this right now!

No. 8: Buffalo Cheeseball

Photo credit: Rachael Ray Show

A buffalo-wing-style cheeseball? Yes, please! This recipe combines cream cheese, sour cream, blue cheese, pretzels, cheddar, hot sauce and minced veggies for a creamy, tangy, spicy flavor explosion. Serve with carrots and celery sticks. Yum!

No. 9: Turkey Poppers Rellenos

Photo credit: Rachael Ray Show

This take on a combo of chile rellenos and jalapeno poppers features chiles stuffed with mashed potatoes, then topped with turkey, gravy and cheese. Delish!

Are you a fan of spicy food? Share below, and watch Curtis Stone make his Bloody Marys!

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