You Have to See 'Odd Mom Out' Jill Kargman’s 60-Second Mom Rant


Playing You Have to See 'Odd Mom Out' Jill Kargman’s 60-Second Mom Rant
You Have to See 'Odd Mom Out' Jill Kargman’s 60-Second Mom Rant Aired September 19, 2016

Hilarious actress, producer, and NY Times best-selling author, Jill Kargman stopped by to chat about her hit tv show “Odd Mom Out” (Bravo’s first scripted comedy) and her new book Sprinkle Glitter on My Grave: Observations, Rants, and Other Uplifting Thoughts About Life, which Rach devoured in one day. “It’s meant to just make you laugh, it’s not War and Peace,” says Kargman.

As for the title? “My daughter Ivy came up with [it], we went to a graveyard and she said why do people put flowers on graves, they just die and it’s so depressing. I’m gonna sprinkle glitter on your grave,” she explains.

“Things I think about at 3am’ is one of my favorite parts,” says Rach. Like this: “Is Aunt Jemimah married to Uncle Ben?” The other thing I related to from the book, says Rach, dying laughing: “your palate for dressing is charcoal to black.”

“That’s pretty much it -- this red collar is really stepping out,” jokes Kargman of our outfit. “I call it cadaver chic.”

Her book also includes some super-funny doodles:

Rachael Ray Show
Rachael Ray Show
Rachael Ray Show


So of course, Rach had to show off her doodles too:

Rachael Ray Show
Rachael Ray Show

On the subject of her show, Kargman says “[It] isn’t about parenting, it’s about keeping up,” which everyone can relate to. “She’s the black sheep of the Upper East Side, basically -- it’s hilarious,” adds Rach.

When Rach asked her “What’s the most odd you’ve ever felt?” her response was equally comedic: “Actually last week, speaking of black sheep, I was in Greenwich, Connecticut on my book tour and it was all like blond children of the corn. I felt like Lilly Pulitzer came out of the grave, threw up on them, and got back in the grave.”


Rach gave Kargman 60 seconds to rant about mom stuff and more hilarity ensued. On her list of grievances? Being chastised by other moms in her daughter’s ballet class for saying “Indian style” -- “they all went ‘it’s criss-cross applesauce now!’” She also “hates it when people say their baby is 26 months old” -- “Just say two, I can’t do that math at this hour” -- and moms in pigtails. Last but not least, “I don’t get dogs in baby carriages and children on leashes,” she says.

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