Ayesha Curry’s First Cookbook + The Surprise That Brought Her to Tears

Photo credit: Rachael Ray Show Aired November 29, 2016

You’re probably familiar with the greatest basketball shooter in NBA history, Stephen Curry, but once you hear what his incredible wife has accomplished, she might just become your new MVP!

Today, Ayesha Curry officially released her first cookbook The Seasoned Life: Food, Family, Faith, and the Joy of Eating Well and she’s beyond excited. So is Rach, who wrote the following glowing review:

"The first time I met Ayesha Curry, I knew I had found a kindred spirit. Ayesha recognizes the true power of food, how a home-cooked meal can bring a family together, and the importance of getting your kids in the kitchen early. Her collection of delicious and accessible recipes reflects who she is as a human--colorful, fresh, and full of flavor!"―Rachael Ray

“I fell in love with food at such a young age, so this book is filled with fun stories about my family and my journey with food,” says Curry. “I just wanted it to be sort of an arsenal for a young girl going to college, or your aunt that’s never cooked before - so they can have something that they can cook from with ease,” she explains.

“I’ll never forget the moment I first saw a cookbook with my name on it,” says Rach. “I looked inside and I had a library of congress number -- almost had a heart attack!”

The Moment Curry Saw Her Cookbook for the First Time
Check out Curry’s adorable reaction to seeing her own cookbook for the first time. “It’s a real book!” Curry says through tears as she tears open the envelope.

The Moment Curry Saw Her Cookbook for the First Time

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Playing The Moment Curry Saw Her Cookbook for the First Time

The Emotional Surprise That Brought Curry to Tears
She came to the “Rachael Ray” show to cook one of her family’s favorite chicken recipes from the book and got a huge surprise from one of her biggest fans -- her mama!

Rach told Curry there was a finished chicken in the oven, but to Curry’s surprise it wasn’t there. Rach called for the kitchen staff to bring it out -- but Curry’s mom came out instead. Her reaction? Priceless!

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