How NASCAR’s Danica Patrick Stays Healthy On The Road: I’m an Admitted Food Hoarder

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Playing How NASCAR’s Danica Patrick Stays Healthy On The Road: I’m an Admitted Food Hoarder

The gorgeous Danica Patrick is not only a model, she also happens to be a professional race car driver. Since she travels so much, Rach asked how she’s able to stay fit and eat healthy while on the road. 

“I’m an admitted food hoarder,” jokes Patrick. I feel more comfortable when I always have food with me, she explains. “Preparation is key.”

TIP #1: Make Breakfast To-Go
The night before her flight to New York, she says she filled a mason jar with chia seeds, hemp seeds, cinnamon, blueberries and coconut. “I shook it up and threw it in the fridge. In the morning I just grabbed it and threw granola on the top and headed out the door. It took no time at all.”

Tip #2: Freeze Fresh Veggies at Their Peak
I originally got a foodsaver thinking it would help me save fridge items longer, but instead I’m actually buying food to save, says Patrick. “I’ve taken my problem to a whole other level!” she jokes. A foodsaver can save you a lot of money over time, and help keep you on track with healthy eating, says Rach: “Think about it, when corn is at its peak, and when the veggies are at their peak, that’s when you bring them home, blanch, and freeze them.” By freezing fresh veggies at their peak, you’re getting the most nutrition out of them as possible, and creating your own healthy frozen side dishes.

Tip #3: Cook Every Chance You Get
If you cook at home, you know how things are prepared, so when you’re out to eat at a restaurant it’ll be easier to spot what’s healthy and what’s not. “I just had a salad before I came out and I was like ‘you know this is healthy because it tastes really plain,” jokes Patrick. Yep, it’s all about moderation, adds Rach.

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