Buddy and Lisa Valastro Get Schooled on How to Train Their Adorable New Puppy

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Playing Celebrity Dog Trainer Tamar Geller Teaches Buddy and Lisa Valastro How to Train Their Puppy

Buddy Valastro (aka the “Cake Boss”) and his wife Lisa already have their hands full with four children. Now, they’ve expanded to include an adorable furry new family member -- meet Baci! He’s a rambunctious five-month-old Yorkshire Terrier and he is so cute! The Valastro’s had some trouble training him to be on a schedule, so celebrity dog trainer Tamar Geller (She happens to be a New York Times bestselling author on dog behavior and has worked with celebs like Oprah and Ben Affleck!) stepped in to show them the ropes. “We need help with this little Baci ball!” jokes Buddy.

Tip #1: How to Teach Dogs to Ask Nicely
Geller advises to teach dogs to behave mindfully, not on impulses. “Do not say his name unless you are talking to him,” warns Geller. “Don’t desensitize him to his name. When I work with a dog, which is exactly the same as when you work with a toddler, you teach them to say ‘please’.” Place a treat on the floor and don’t give it to your pup until he looks at you. Once your pup looks up at you, in a calm tone say “leave it” as you feed him the treat.

Tip #2: How to Teach Dogs to Come to You When Called
Did you know dogs can learn a minimum of 150 words? “The Come Game teaches him not only to come to us when we call, but to find us,” says Geller. Hide in different areas of the house saying “come [name]!.” Once your pup finds you, give him a treat! “You want him to go ‘Yes they said my name, awesome!” says Geller.

Tip #3: How to Teach Your Dog to Sit
Geller refers to this method as “The Magnet.” Here’s how it works: place a treat in your fist and hold your fist to your pup’s nose. Slowly lift your hand above your pup’s head until he sits. As he’s sitting down, calmly say “sit” and feed him the treat.

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