'The Chew's' Daphne Oz on Her New Kitchen: 'This Is Where the Magic Happens'

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Playing ‘The Chew’s’ Daphne Oz Has a New Kitchen + Shares Her Kitchen Must-Haves

“The Chew’s” Daphne Oz invited our cameras into her home to see the brand new kitchen she designed! “This is where the magic happens,” says Oz. While designing a kitchen can be lots of fun, it’s also a lot of work. Here’s what Oz says are her kitchen must-haves.

First things first -- surround yourself with items and decor that make you happy. Her favorite thing in the kitchen? The sink faucet! “This was $97 and it is literally my favorite thing in the kitchen because it makes me happy every time I see it,” says Oz. “It’s gold, it’s a little bit gaudy, but I think it’s really fun!” She also chose lighting that makes the kitchen bright and inviting with a similar gold finish as the faucet. Another perk? Having her child’s artwork hanging on the fridge. “It’s funny how much pride they have seeing their artwork!” says Oz.

For appliances, Oz says there are very few that you actually need for a complete kitchen. One of them is a rice cooker. “It’s one of those things that cooks it perfectly every time!” says Oz. Aside from appliances, a few of her kitchen staples include her Brown Sugar Citrus Compound Butter (use it as a spread for muffins or rub it under chicken skin for a sweet and salty bird), a homemade flavor booster like garlic-chili oil, and lastly lavender oil. Oz says the lavender oil is great for healing kitchen burns fast! Another great use is to put a few drops of it in your vacuum’s bag -- it’ll release a fragrant (and non-toxic!) aroma throughout your home.

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