Judith Light On Her Hit Show: You Don’t Watch ‘Transparent,’ You Feel ‘Transparent!’

by Rachael Ray Show Staff 9:28 AM, October 4, 2016

Aired March 21, 2017

At 67 years young, Judith Light has built quite the entertainment resume: she won two Emmy’s for her role on “One Life to Live,” has starred in the hit shows “Ugly Betty,” “Who’s the Boss?” and off-Broadway in “All the Ways to Say I Love You.”

Her most buzzy project at the moment is Amazon’s hit show, “Transparent,” a comedy series currently in its third season (streaming exclusively via Amazon) that follows a dysfunctional family as they uncover buried secrets and learn how to cope with these new truths. Light plays Shelly Pfefferman, a mother and wife (a role which Light was nominated for an Emmy).

“There’s not a person in this world that doesn’t have someone in their family that’s said ‘I’m not actually the person you thought I was,” says Light. “The real question in Transparent that everybody loves is: will you still love me if I tell you this thing about me?” It’s a family show that’ll hit home for many people, she adds.

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