Rob Lowe: Marriage is 'All About Casting'

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Playing Rob Lowe: Marriage is ‘All About Casting’

Actor Rob Lowe recently celebrated his 25th anniversary with his wife Sheryl Berkoff, and he says the secret to the longevity of his marriage is good casting!

“Somebody asked Alfred Hitchcock what makes a movie great, and he said it’s all casting. I think marriage is the same way. It’s who you choose. She’s my best friend,” he said, adding with a smile, “...and she’s hot.”

For their anniversary, the pair spent a weekend at an oceanfront bungalow in Big Sur, California, and he said, “Memories don’t just happen, you have to go out and make them.”

Lowe and Berkoff have two sons, Matthew, 23, and John, 21, who are already well along their own paths to success, with one attending Stanford and the other in law school. Lowe’s advice to parents: “We’re buddies, but I’ve never lost sight of the fact that I’m a dad. So I’m still able to crack the whip perfectly well.”

Lowe recently joined season two of CBS’ “Code Black” with Marcia Gay Harden and Luis Guzman, and revealed, “It’s the best old-fashioned drama where the stories knock you over the head immediately and then by the end of the show, you’re crying.”

The busy actor also talked about filming the IndieGoGo-funded comedy “Super Troopers 2,” saying of his French-Canadian mayor character’s bushy ‘do, “I wanted hair that was really, really hot and sexy... 15 years ago. I think I pulled it off.”

Watch below to hear what Rob and his wife did with his kids' rooms after they left for college:

Lowe also talked about a partnership that is close to his heart: advocating for children’s oral health in with The Crest Healthier Smiles Project. “Kids with poor oral health are three times more likely to miss school,” Lowe explains.

Rob Lowe is a paid spokesperson for Crest.

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