Tom Selleck on Owls, Bobcats + Cheesy Halloween Costumes


Playing Tom Selleck on Owls, Bobcats and Cheesy Halloween Costumes
Tom Selleck on Owls, Bobcats and Cheesy Halloween Costumes Aired September 08, 2017

Tom Selleck is a nature-loving outdoorsman so it’s no wonder he loves living on a 60-acre California ranch. “Right now there are baby bobcats running around with their mom,” he told Rach during their kitchen table chat, adding that he once got a front row seat when some owl eggs hatched in the window box outside his rec room.

He and Rach also chatted about Halloween. Watch the video above to hear him talk about the cheesy “Magnum P.I.” costumes he’s seen and find out what his favorite childhood candy is.

Tom’s career has spanned almost five decades, and he is happy to report that he gets recognized for both older and more recent roles, which he says means he’s still working. He shared this funny story, “I went to my eye doctor and the young woman at the desk goes, ‘Should I know you?’ And I said, ‘Magnum?’ And she went, ‘No, what’s that?’ And I said, ‘Quigley Down Under?’ She says, ‘No.’ And finally I said, ‘Friends’? And she goes, ‘Richard!’”

Watch below to hear him talking about working on his current CBS hit “Blue Bloods” and to find out what he really thinks of his co-stars:

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