Drew Carey's Strong Opinions on How to Open a Bottle of Wine

Playing Drew Carey’s Strong Opinions on How to Open a bottle of Wine
Drew Carey’s Strong Opinions on How to Open a bottle of Wine Aired November 03, 2016

Comedian and game show host Drew Carey is taking a stand -- about opening wine. He remembers the time an electric wine opener was featured on his game show “The Price is Right”, and he thought,“Pfft, who needs it? Get a wine key, screw it in, pop it out, man,” and Rachael agrees that the old-fashioned way to open wine is just plain sexier.

His long-running game show recently made headlines when it featured 3 dollar spinners. Though Carey says this has happened several times before in the show’s history, this did make national news. He says it might not make such a splash at the tables in Atlantic City, but on “Price,” it was a big deal!

When enthusiastic audience members want to “come on down” on the show, they needn’t worry it’s their one and only shot at daytime television fame. Carey says though the rule used to be once per lifetime, now every ten years people can get another shot to get called to guess the correct prices of everything from vacuum cleaners to luxury jet skis.

You won’t get another chance at impressing Drew or Rachael, though, if you use a screw top wine bottle. As Drew says, “If you’re on a date and the guy doesn’t know how to open a bottle of wine, later date.”

Watch below to see what happens when Drew challenges the audience to get the price right:

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