Why Was 'Empire's' Trai Byers Chased by Employees Through Walmart?

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Playing Why Was 'Empire's' Trai Byers Chased by Employees Through Walmart?

Trai Byers skyrocketed to success when he landed himself on “Empire,” one of the most talked about television shows to date, and his real-life wife, Grace Byers (nee Gealey), is on the show with him! What’s odd about this situation is, his real-life wife ended up killing his fake wife on the show. “It’s weird for us too!” says Byers.

Rach asked if it freaks him out to watch his wife’s character (Anika) make out with other people on the show. Since he’s such an awesome husband (swoon), his response was of course, perfect.

“No,” says Byers. “We are both trained and we both know what the job is.”

Since “Empire” has such a cult following, Rach asked if he’s had any cooky superfan moments, and he sure has! He says he got chased by women employees through a Walmart once! Poor guy just wanted to buy himself a bean bag.

Love Byers and want to learn more about him? (Does he love to tap dance? Did Oprah really teach him how to take a selfie?) He played a little game of “Byers or Liars” with Rach and reveals some interesting facts about his personal life in the video above.

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