Rach Tells Hilarious Story About Her Wardrobe Malfunction at the White House

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Playing Rach Tells Hilarious Story about Her Wardrobe Malfunction at the White House

What would you do if your dress ripped as you were walking into the White House state dinner to dine with the President and First Lady? Well, that’s exactly what happened to Rach!

“Three steps up the stairs to the White House, I tripped, and my shoe caught the lining of my dress, and ripped the entire thing out,” she says.

But that’s not all! She continues, “It got so caught up around my giant heel that the woman checking people in had to go find scissors and cut it out in front of everybody!”

Good thing she has a sense of humor. She laughed it off, made it into the party and found herself with a seat of honor – sitting at the President’s table, right next to the First Lady.

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