Colin Quinn on NYC + Why Rachael Never Got to Be on His Web Series

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Playing Colin Quinn Talks ‘The New York Story’

Colin Quinn’s new Netflix comedy special ‘The New York Story’ is all about the Big Apple, and the Brooklyn native stopped by to chat about his favorite city with Rach.

The stereotypical New York attitude has changed, according to Quinn, and he blames Facebook: “Now you can be as sickeningly saccharine as you want and everybody’s fine with it.” He jokes that social media is to blame because “people like positive things.”

We also gave him exactly ONE minute to talk about how NYC has changed. Watch the video to hear him joke about everything from people getting punched over dog poop to playing baseball in the street “with exposed electrical wires” as a kid.

Rach also confronted him about an old promise he made to her – offering her a role on his web series “Cop Show.” Watch below to find out why she never got to be on the show, and who might be to blame (Hint: one of our producers is feeling pretty awkward about it.)

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