Whoopi Goldberg on Her Amazing Holiday Sweaters + Why You Should Spoil Kids

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Playing Whoopi Goldberg on Her Amazing Holiday Sweaters
Whoopi Goldberg on Her Amazing Holiday Sweaters Aired November 18, 2016

Whoopi Goldberg has been wearing holiday sweaters for her past 10 years at “The View”: “They just make me happy,” she says. So she decided to design her own line!

She wanted her sweaters to appeal to a wide range of cultures and religions, and even to those who celebrate more than one holiday: “I just feel like holidays should include everybody.” Her boldly entertaining multicultural designs are available at Lord & Taylor.

When it comes to celebrating the holidays, she tries to make it magical for her grandkids and great-granddaughter. She remembers from her childhood, “During Vietnam, [Walter Cronkite] would say, no one’s fighting tonight. So that’s what I try to give my great-granddaughter and my grandkids. We’re at peace tonight.”

As for “spoiling” the kiddos? Whoopi says you should go wild: “I try to remind people, it’s okay to give kids as many crazy things as you want to, because they don’t get to be kids as long as we got to be kids. So I feel like, spoil the hell out of them!”

Whoopi’s great-granddaughter Charli is almost three and is already quite a personality – check out the video below to hear Whoopi tell some pretty hilarious stories about her.

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