Rebecca Romijn Reveals What Bugs Husband Jerry O’Connell (who made a new friend in our live studio audience)

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Rebecca Romijn stopped by to chat about her TNT show “The Librarians,” and her hubby of nine years (and hilarious jokester) Jerry O’Connell showed up to support his wife – and made a new friend in our live studio audience!

When Rebecca came out, she looked for Jerry – and there he was, sharing a seat with an audience member named Carlotta. “Honey, we’re gonna need an extra chair at Thanksgiving dinner, okay?,” Jerry shouted to her. “Welcome to the family!,” Rebecca replied with a laugh.

Jerry is a frequent guest on our show and Rachael had a hard time believing anything affects his sunny demeanor. But Rebecca did divulge one thing: “Jerry’s got a pet peeve. When he travels for work, I have a habit of rescuing animals while he’s gone. I’m like, ‘Guess what! There’s going to be a surprise when you get home!’”

Check out the video above to meet the two latest enormous and ridiculously adorable canine additions to their family – Phil and Pip!

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