Rach Loves Christmas So Much That She Has 9 Trees – and She Decorates Them All Herself!

by Lisa Hirsch Lozano 2:18 PM, December 9, 2016

Aired December 9, 2016

There’s no Christmas spirit lacking in Rachael’s upstate New York home – over the course of several days, she decorates a total of nine Christmas trees between her home, her guest house and her mom’s house!

And in case you're wondering if it’s little elves who actually do the decorating, Rach says, "I do decorate all those trees!"

Check out her truly beautiful Christmas trees below:

"For the little kids, I do a child friendly tree with all felt ornaments, very old-timey."

HO HO HO, here we go! #christmas

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"I do little teeny tiny Charlie brown trees."



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"This is an adult set of trees, because it’s covered with French champagne, liquor and caviar tins."

#Christmas 2016!

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Rach saved her favorite tree for last, this 8-foot tree that looks even more majestic because she puts it atop a table made of petrified food. She decorates this flocked tree with birds and icicles.


All decked out! #christmas

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Looks like Rach’s beloved pooch Isaboo is full of Christmas spirit too!


Check out the video above to hear Rach talk about how much she loves decorating for the holidays, and also share her tips on decorating for smaller spaces like her NYC apartment.