Kirstie Alley On 'Cheers' Revival: 'I Might Be the Only One at the Bar!'

by Rachael Ray Show Staff 2:26 PM, January 11, 2017

Aired June 15, 2017

With shows including Full House and Gilmore Girls enjoying hit revivals on Netflix, would Kirstie Alley ever consider reviving her hit NBC show “Cheers” that ran for 11 seasons from 1982 to 1993?

“Well, I would, but I might be the only one at the bar,” the Emmy-winning actress joked.

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Kirstie also talked about appearing on the FOX comedy horror “Scream Queens,” and how at home the show’s star Jamie Lee Curtis made her feel:

“She’s the most generous person you will ever meet in your whole life.”

“I show up in my dressing room, there’s a tiara and notes and then there’s another present,” Kirstie raves. “I’m not kidding you, she gave me presents every week!”

“The whole cast really welcomed me,” she said, though she said she did get a case of nerves when she got to the “Scream Queens” set. Watch the video above to hear about her hilarious flub on day one, and to see her play a hilarious round of Truth (Minus the Dare) game "Pop the Question" with Rach.

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