'Seinfeld’s' Puddy as Lemony Snicket on Netflix?

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Playing “Seinfeld’s” Puddy as Lemony Snicket on Netflix?

Patrick Warburton, who came to fame as “Seinfeld’s” Puddy is now starring as Lemony Snicket in, “A Series of Unfortunate Events” on Netflix.

He tells Rachael that director Barry Sonnenfeld is what really attracted him to this role: “He’s an amazing director...whatever he’s doing he always raises the bar, brings it to another level.”

He says his character is “Rod Serling with empathy,” since he is, indeed connected to the book’s other characters.

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Serling, who similarly had a resounding, velvet voice, might not have been able to quite as well portray the role that put Warburton on the map as “Seinfeld’s” Puddy.

When it comes to Seinfeld, Rachael loves “The Devil” episode and Warburton likes “The Bet” and “The Second Spitter” episode.

He says, “they [The “Seinfeld” team] were always producing a higher level with their writing and concepts, you know.”

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To find out when and why he recently lived a Seinfeld coffee shop moment in real life, check out the video above.

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