Donnie Wahlberg Still Has All 'The Right Stuff' in Rachael’s Eyes

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Donnie Wahlberg is a star on the hit show “Blue Bloods,” (currently in season 7), is part of Wahlburgers restaurant chain with his famous family and is devoted husband and family man.

However, he isn’t just the guy next door. To his millions of fans, he will always be that new kid on the block.

WATCH: Donnie Wahlberg Gives a NKOTB Dance Lesson

NKOTB is doing a total package tour with New Kids on the Block and Boyz II Men in 2017. That’s right, fans, break out your best dance moves. Donnie says his son loves to come on tour with him and was a driving force in advocating for him to go on tour. Donnie says, “to see how much it means to the fans, that’s just so fulfilling.”

You can also look forward to more NKOTB cruises (there have been 8 thus far), which, as Donnie says, is “epic… 3,000 crazy people on a boat with 5 of’s like spring break on a boat for people who are, like, twice the age of spring’s really great.”

WATCH: Donnie Wahlberg's Breakdancing Moves

It’s okay, guys...Rachael promises, “what happens on the boat stays on the boat.”

Find out Rachael’s surefire way to get out of speeding tickets by watching the video.

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