We Brought In a Magician to Help This Man Pull Off a Surprise Proposal to His Longtime Girlfriend

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Abriel Cooper of Midlands Park, New Jersey has just one thing on his mind -- how he’s going to propose to the love of his life. And, of course, he wants it to be absolutely perfect -- magical even.

To help him pull it off, we asked magician Justin Flom to work the proposal into his act.

First, he called up Abriel’s girlfriend, Alison Bumbacco, to “help” with his next trick. He took the plain, gold ring she was wearing and made it disappear -- but when he tried to bring it back, an entirely different ring appeared -- with a diamond! (We like where this is going…)


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Much to Alison’s disappointment, she agreed, that was not her ring. (Silly Alison.) From behind her, a man’s voice said “That’s my ring.” She turned around to find that Abriel was down on one knee! Talk about a tear jerker. Just wait until you hear all of the sweet romantic things he had to say!

But wait… there’s more! Her entire family was patiently waiting backstage the entire time, so they could run out and surprise her after she said “YES!” The surprises kept on coming when Rach mentioned that she and our friends over the Bitter End Yacht Club in the British Virgin Islands have Alison and Abriel’s honeymoon all planned out, and paid for!


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Ready to witness one of the most magical proposals of all time? See it with your own eyes in the video above.

P.S. Just in case you’re worried, Alison’s original ring didn’t disappear into the abyss -- she got it back!


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