Laverne Cox: ‘Wearing an Orange Jumpsuit Has Its Benefits’

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Playing Laverne Cox: ‘Wearing an Orange Jumpsuit Has Its Benefits’

An orange jumpsuit might not be the most glamourous uniform to wear to work every day, but ‘Orange is the New Black’ breakout star Laverne Cox, who plays Sophia, says it has its pluses.

“What’s amazing about being on ‘Orange’ is that I wore the same thing every episode so there were no costume fittings,” she explains.

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But it’s not always that easy: “When things don’t fit, it’s like the most frustrating thing in the world. It’s depressing.”

So what would she do if she hadn’t ended up acting? “I was seriously thinking about going to grad school and the law is something that kind of intrigued me.”

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She explains, “I dated a lot of lawyers. My dating philosophy is, if it doesn’t work out I want to learn something, at least.”

Watch the video above to hear why she gets hungry every time she thinks of Rachael. LOL

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