David Boreanaz on the 'Bones' Series Finale: I Think the Fans Will Be Very Pleased With It

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Playing David Boreanaz on the 'Bones' Series Finale: I Think the Fans Will Be Very Pleased With It

If you were a fan of David Boreanaz’s character, Angel, on “Buffy the Vampire Slayer” back in the day, chances are you’ve probably been a loyal follower of his latest role as special agent Seeley Booth on the hit show “Bones” for the past 12 years, too. Which means -- like us, you’ve been counting on David to grace your TV screen for a long time now.

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So, it’s a sad time for many fans since the series finale is… well… tomorrow. (Cries) The thing is, it’s just as hard for the actors to say goodbye as it is for us viewers.

“Over so much time, [the cast and crew] become your family,” says David. “Twelve years is a lot of years.”

Indeed, it is! Twelve years of action. Twelve years of love. Twelve years of heartache, suspense, drama… the list goes on and on. Don’t be too sad though, because David does have some good news about the series finale episode (which HE directed).

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“I think [the fans will] be very pleased with it,” David says. “I think the ending is twofold. It’s a combination of all 12 seasons to give back to the fans for supporting us for so long. There’s some hope between the two main characters -- after all, the show was always about them.”

He even adds that there may or may not be a huge gunfight and a giant explosion at the end.

The suspense is killing us already! Check out the video above to hear more about it.

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