You Have to Hear Richard Dreyfuss' Hilarious Story About the Filming of 'Jaws'

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When you’re an actor in one of the most famous films of ALL TIME, you get asked a lot of questions. In the case of Richard Dreyfuss and Jaws, he gets asked a lot of the same questions about the thriller about a shark out for blood. After all, the movie has been around for over four decades! And yet Rach wants to learn more from the acclaimed and award-winning actor.

“If you can ask me a question that I have not heard about Jaws, I’ll pay you ten bucks,” Richard tells Rach. “If you ask me a question I have heard, you will pay me ten bucks.” Rach cracks up and the audience claps.

Then, Richard adds with a friendly warning, “I assure you, I have made a lot of money.”

Richard spins the wheel of trivia and lands on (what else?) Jaws. Rachael laughs, saying: “Richard just made himself ten bucks!”

Check out more of Rach’s interview with her beloved guest, and one of her favorite actors of all time, Richard Dreyfuss.


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