Can Rach Handle the Pressure of Playing 'Pyramid' With Michael Strahan?

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Playing Michael Strahan and Rachael Ray Play a Mini Version of '$100,000 Pyramid'
Michael Strahan and Rachael Ray Play a Mini Version of '$100,000 Pyramid' Aired June 23, 2017

Ever dreamed of being on a gameshow? That dream came true for Rach and a member of our audience, as "$100,000 Pyramid" host Michael Strahan brought a mini version of the game to our set.

Rach teamed up with audience member Sherry Quinn of Bethlehem, New York, giving Sherry a chance to win a trip to Italy and $1,000! Watch the video above to see how they did.

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This was just a warm-up for Rach because she’ll be getting her chance to play for real when "$100,000 Pyramid" comes back this summer on ABC.

Michael’s advice to Rach: stay calm. He thinks the best players are the ones who don’t get rattled by that ticking clock.

So how does Michael think he would do if he played? He tells Rach, “To be honest with you, I suck. … You’re so conscious of the time, and you start messing up. I can’t stay calm, I get too excited.”

But he does reveal his ideal celeb partner: “I would love to play with President Obama. But I thought about it, it sounds good in theory because I think that would be cool, but at the same time, he talks so slow.”

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As we all know, “Pyramid” isn’t Michael’s only gig. He also co-hosts “Good Morning America,” and is the dad of four kids, and was recently honored when the National Father’s Day Council made him Father of the Year.

So what’s his secret? He tells Rach, “I enjoy my life at work, I enjoy my life away from work. What you see is what you get. This is me, and when people are sick of seeing it, I’ll go home and still enjoy myself.” Sounds like a good attitude to us!

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Watch the video below to hear Michael talk about two of Rach’s favorite people on the planet, his parents Gene and Louise. Plus, he reveals where he’ll be taking his kids on summer vacation this year (hint: it’s a really long plane ride).

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