Dr. Phil Serves Pizza With a Side of Advice to Shocked Diners

by Lisa Hirsch Lozano 4:39 PM, May 3, 2017

Aired July 25, 2017

Would you ever want to give your first job a second try? That’s exactly what Dr. Phil is doing.

His first job was in a pizza place -- but he didn't last long. “I got fired because I couldn’t remember to put the drinks on the ticket,” he explains. Unfortunately, that’s where the restaurant made the most profit, so he got let go.

We arranged for him to get a second chance with Cavallo Pizzeria in New York City. His boss for the day was impressed with his pizza-making prowess: “I can see that you’re very comfortable with the dough. That’s absolutely beautiful.”

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He also stepped behind the counter to serve up slices to unsuspecting patrons. But pizza wasn’t all they got -- he gave them all a side order of relationship advice!

First up is a mom of 12 (with kiddos ranging from a brand-new six weeks to a full-grown 25 years old) who wonders how she can make all her kids feel special. Meanwhile, customer number two wants to know how she can get her husband to be a little less grumpy. And Dr. Phil’s last customer wants to be a relationship, but isn’t quite sure how forward she should be with the opposite sex.

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Watch above to hear the expert advice Dr. Phil dished out, plus, check out the video below to hear about his adorable grandkids and why “The Dr. Phil Show” isn’t just about entertainment.