These People Thought They Were Taking a Beginner Cooking Class -- Then THIS Happened!

by Lisa Hirsch Lozano 4:03 PM, May 12, 2017

Aired July 24, 2017

Saying that master chef (and all-around great human) Emeril Lagasse taught you how to cook is a pretty big deal!

That’s exactly what students at a beginner cooking class at Sur La Table in New York City can claim after Emeril crashed their class to give them a lesson in classic Louisiana cooking!

“We flipped. I almost cut my finger off, no joke,” one student said of the shocking moment when Emeril walked in.

He taught the students how to make the classic Louisiana dish Étouffée, and gave them the following advice, “When you cook, you have to taste! Why would you want to use your family and friends as guinea pigs?”

He also stopped by the studio to make another Big Easy standard -- Chicken and Andouille Gumbo!