What’s Cuter Than 4 Baby Animals on Set? Nothing, That’s What!

by Rose Marie Walano 1:26 PM, September 20, 2017

Aired December 28, 2017

The littlest — for the most part!

We didn’t just have our Little Chefs in the studio today (cooking up competition for judge Jacques Pepin and his granddaughter, Shorey) — we had little animals in, too!

Specifically, we had four baby animals strolling (and jumping!) around our living room, and we couldn’t have loved it more.

First guy up: a 2-month-old baby water buffalo named Otis, freshly fluffed and skipping to set. Look at that prance!

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Still, Rachael was a little worried, and Jarod said that was more than fair, especially because, “Rachael and I have worked with a lot of milks over the years, for different animals, and water buffalo milk is the smelliest of all the milks.”

Thanks for the FYI, Jarod!  

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Of course, the adorable water buffalo wasn’t our only special guest. Our animal pro also brought with him Bindi the bettong (the smallest kind of kangaroo) and a red-eyed tree frog (one of the smallest animals ever on the show!).

But as Jarod warns, “I decided to bring something little, but it’s going to get extremely big!”

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Just how big? Try baby camel-big! Enter Sierra, the long-lashed baby camel who’s just under a year old — despite her enormous size.

See her and all our baby animal guests in action in the video above!