Watch Rach Become an Honorary Member of the “Star Trek: Discovery” Starfleet!

by Rose Marie Walano 7:04 AM, September 22, 2017

Aired September 22, 2017

Live long and prosper, Rach!

Sonequa Martin-Green, the leading lady of CBS All Access’ “Star Trek: Discovery,” stopped by to discuss the exciting series, and she brought quite the present for our leading lady: an official Starfleet pin!

“I have something for you before I try to vocalize [how excited I am about the show],” Sonequa preps, “from me, from ‘Star Trek: Discovery.’” And she whipped out one of the iconic spaceship-shaped pins.

Rachael’s reaction? Straight squeals! “I’m so going to geek this out,” says Rach, immediately ripping open the pocket of her blazer and pinning it there. “Lieutenant Ray! Uh-huh.”

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But that wasn’t the only reason she was pumped. Rach noted that the latest “Star Trek” series, which is actually a prequel, boasts an exciting first for the series.

“This is super [historic], because she — [Sonequa’s] character — is the first African-American female lead,” explains Rach. “First officer. Come on!”

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Proudly, Sonequa adds, “It is the first black female lead. It’s also the Asian female captain. It’s also the first female captain with a female first officer. It’s also the first openly gay officer. It’s also the first openly gay Latino officer. So many firsts!”

“It’s rainbow ‘Star Trek!’” says Rach with a laugh.

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“It’s phenomenal,” says Sonequa. “We’re telling a story we really believe in, and the craftsmanship is through the roof.”